Wednesday, December 22, 2010

36% of my life

Today is mine and the gamer's nine year anniversary. Nine years! Nine years! It's unbelievable to me that we have spent this long together. In fact, I have now been with the gamer for over one third of my life...thirty-six percent, exactly!

Since we have been married the gamer and I have continued to celebrate our dating anniversary...Others might think it is silly, but we like to remember this day because it is important in our history as a couple. Although we've significantly toned down our celebrating - no gifts or surprises - we still like to have a special day right before the holidays where we remember us.

Yep, that us.

We went out the other night to celebrate our anniversary and the fact that the gamer finished his first year in PT school! I didn't mind sharing the celebration because it meant we had a really special (and expensive!) dinner and I am so proud that my husband has survived his first year! And that I have a survived my first year as a med school wife! It's hard stuff.

On our anniversary tomorrow we are actually breaking from tradition a little bit and spending it with another couple - my brother and his girlfriend. And we are going...SNOWTUBING!

I have never been before, but I'm sure it will bring out the best in my personality - klutziness and crankiness. Haha :)

And even though he never, ever reads my blog (shocking, I know!)...Happy Anniversary Chris - KISSES!