Monday, December 13, 2010

another year, another black FRIDAY

Still backlogged on recaps! But Black Friday was only two weeks ago so that's not too bad! I'm almost caught up :)

Every year for as long as I can remember I have participated in Black Friday. Surprisingly, I didn't even really know it was considered a bad day to shop until a few years ago. Almost every year the day after Thanksgiving my mom and I would go shopping. In the early years we simply went out to shop for items we wanted to get for Christmas gifts. We didn't look at the ads ahead of time, weren't really interested in any deals, but we still shopped til we dropped. I have vivid memories of being exhausted on lots of Black Fridays - and I swear, Black Friday exhaustion pretty much beats out any other form of being tired!

A few years ago we really started to get in the swing of Black Friday shopping. We got the fliers, started cutting out deals, and making lists of stores and what items to buy. We had a carefully mapped out plan of what stores to go to in which order, and became pretty efficient with getting into and out of stores quickly with everything we needed.

But until this year we had participated in a leisurely Black Friday, meaning we got up and to the stores around 8am. We had never experienced the rush of being at a store when it opened because we never felt the need to!

SO this year we did it. Out of the house by 3:30am. In my purse was a list of every store we'd be going to, the items we wanted to get, cut-outs of the items we'd seen in the ads with the store names written on them, COUPONS and granola bars and almonds. Because we knew we'd need sustenance!

We arrived at Target at 3:45. I could not BELIEVE the line that was ahead of us.


And the line quickly formed behind us...


There had to be over a thousand people in line in front of us. Naturally when we made it into the store it was chaos and there were no carts! My mom immediately got into the electronics line and I made a beeline for all of the things on our list. It was like I was in a shopping relay - I'd run to get a few things, run back to my mom, load her down the stuff, and then she'd send me out again. Eventually I was able to obtain a cart and I sure wish I had gotten a picture of all the stuff we bought! But I was in the zone of deal buying and there was no time for photography!

Eventually we made it out of Target and it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE. We did Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Michael's, Gamestop, Belk, JCPenney, Victoria's Secret, and Bath and Body Works before we declared it was time for lunch at Olive Garden :) Then we did a quick trip to the outlet mall and we were done!

The picture really doesn't do it justice because there was SO MUCH stuff and SO MUCH money spent! Seriously, my arms hurt the next day from holding it all :)


Bit had a blast jumping in all the bags!

Here she is being a model :)

It was exhausting but a whole lot of fun! My mom and I are very efficient shoppers and we are a good team when we go out. We also have a very specific process of record keeping when it comes to Christmas shopping that I learned from my Mom. Upon returning home from shopping we go over every receipt and start a list for every person we are shopping for - we list the items and the costs, and that way it is easy to tally up how much is spent so we aren't looking at our bank accounts wondering how we spent a thousand dollars. We know EXACTLY how it happened :-P

One last photo to leave you with...Bit attacked a big plastic bag we used to wrap up our mini Christmas tree. We heard a bunch of commotion with her getting in the bag...and then...complete SILENCE. It was like she was on the prowl. Look at that face! And those eyes!


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Lil' Woman said...

My sister and I went out this year and were on the prowl...we had our lists ready and store ads in hand. I got some pretty good deals!